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Infertility: A Growing Health Concern Worldwide

March 17, 2020


Everyone dreams of conceiving their own child and start a family. But, over time, infertility has become a growing health concern in both males and females. There are plenty of reasons that contribute to the causes of infertility. It is proven that infertility and subfertility have been affecting a significant number of humans in the world.

According to a report prepared by WHO, around 10% of women who have been in a sexual relationship for more than five years and tried multiple ways to conceive are suffering from infertility. For the last 20 years, infertility has grown into a significant health issue shattering the dreams of couples to conceive healthily.

What is Infertility?

Infertility is defined as a situation that affects the reproductive system and results in disability to conceive naturally. Irrespective of the technology and medical assistance, there are plenty of couples who are deprived of adequate services to conceive. Couples need to visit their doctor regularly to ascertain their situation, and it is essential to find a reliable gynecologist in Goa to get adequate services. The reproductive medicine and endocrinology are constantly making advancements in the field to find more reformed ad efficient treatment methods to control the global infertility issues and increase the success stories of fertility.

Innovations in The Reproductive Medicine

There’s no doubt in asserting that reproductive medicine is making a remarkable growth, whether it is in the form of fertility awareness or advanced medications for infertility. There have been plenty of innovations that happened in the reproductive medicine that contributed to the betterment of the situation.

The invention of human in vitro fertilization (IVF) brought a radical change in the reproductive medicine field. It brought a ray of hope for couples who had been trying to conceive naturally. IVF was discovered by Robert Edwards, who was also awarded by the Nobel Prize. There are different therapies and treatments related to IVF that are aimed at enhancing the procedure and make the medications more effective. These associated treatments are also used to decrease the transmission of HIV, cancer, and address the issues related to old age parenthood during the treatment.

How Can New Innovations in Reproductive Medicine Contribute to Infertility Treatment?

The current future research into infertility/subfertility can contribute to many radical changes in the field. The reformations will not only serve the purpose but will also contribute to-:

  • Innovations and technologies for better contraception.
  • Resolve and possibly reduce the problems of recurrent miscarriages.
  • Address the complications and issues related to preterm birth and other neonatal problems.

The Bottom Line

It is quite definitive that infertility is still a reproductive health concern among men and women. It has become more than imperative to deploy strategies and technologies that can help in enhancing the situation. The research in the reproductive medicine field should be focused on innovative, effective, and affordable fertility solutions. The diagnosis of fertility issues at the right time is essential to tame down the situation at the right time.