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15th April 2020

What to expect when you see a doctor for laparoscopy for infertility?

Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure that allows the doctor to see inside the body. When the procedure is used as a part of fertility testing, the doctor evaluates the structure of the reproductive sys...

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17th March 2020

Signs That Tell You to See a Gynecologist

With so many over-the-counter drugs and blogs that provide solutions to every issue women have, it might be tempting to skip your appointment with a gynecologist. However, this way, you might be ju...

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17th March 2020

Infertility: A Growing Health Concern Worldwide

Everyone dreams of conceiving their own child and start a family. But, over time, infertility has become a growing health concern in both males and females. There are plenty of reasons that contribute...

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